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The Getaway Pub, Murphy’s Law, and April Fools

” . . . . Our jam night is definitely not a professional level of music.  At least, not usually.  We have had some awesome music there.  Mostly bands that came to perform for kicks or exposure.  The night that Second Look was there was as good as any pay concert I have ever been to.  They were terrific.  And, I totally enjoy every time that Bullet Proof Gecko plays.  They have a very individual style and the band is very tight.  I like them a lot.  We have also had more than a few bands and/or band members at the jam night that are very very very good musicians.  Tim Page from The Satisfiers Band is one of the  most talented performers I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  He has been very helpful in everything from teaching me about music and  drumming to helping pack up every jam night.  And, if you think this guy is anything but a top notch professional musician then you just don’t know what you’re talking about.  Or, you’ve never heard The Satisfiers Band.
When I first started the Musician’s Open Jam Night at The Getaway Pub, I was blessed with the help of a group of people like the guys from The Sackett Avenue Band and Tim Page from The Satisfiers Band, as well as my friend Bill Oliver and guys like Guy T and Dino.  I’m not real sure where all these guys came from because I never knew them before that first Wednesday night.  I just figured that they were angels that God had sent to help me live my dreams.  As it turns out, I was right.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not an overly religious kind of guy.  I just choose to recognize a miracle when I see one.
In fact, I never knew anything about music until a year ago.  I have recently been trying to live out some of the dreams I have had in my life and I always wanted to play drums.  Last year, I bought a drum set and I have been learning to play as best I can.  I wanted to learn and I knew the best way to learn was to associate myself with those who knew more about it than I.  I asked Denny at The Getaway Pub if I could use his stage on Wednesday nights to invite players to play with me.  I didn’t know Denny before this.  He was a friend of a friend of a friend who just happened to have a stage located near my house that wasn’t real busy on a Wednesday night.  It was never really intended to be anything special.  Just a way for me to meet musicians so I could learn and play and have fun . . . . “ 

October 2009 Charlie & The Poor Boys began playing  at The Getaway Pub, and encouraging other musicians to come out and play.   The Poor Boys open at 8pm, and after the first set,  Charlie & The Poor Boys check the room for any musicians or bands who show up and may want to play.   A very informal setting without a rigid sign-in time-in requirement.   It is a small venue, with a big sound.     Everyone who wants to play gets their chance.

 That is the beauty of it.   Some musicians who jam are professional, some are with structured bands.  Some visit just to have fun, others  just want to play music.  Some musicians come to learn, or overcome their fear of stage fright, or pour their hearts out through their original music.  Some come to listen to the music, or enjoy the show with a good affordable meal.     It’s all about doing  good for the community by helping  a small business survive this economy, and providing a way for musicians to  network and enjoy each other’s company.  Musicians come and go throughout the night, as many of them have full time jobs in fields that have little to nothing to do with music. 

The Getaway Pub

Welcome to The Getaway Pub Blog –Musicians’ Open Jam Review

April 1, 2009 —  Charlie & The Poor Boys started out – Guy, Coats, Charlie, Billy O, Billy V, and Tim Page, all great from the get go. Excellent work, tight form, and their set ended with cool rockin’ R&B mini jam.  From that point beginning to end, non stop music at it’s finest, and everyone who got to play were simply upping their game.

The Dynamic Duo returned to play a new set of songs, and although there was technical difficulty or two, the drummer didn’t miss a beat. Percussion Mike brought reinforcements, and The Duo’s set ended with a rockin’ rhythm & blues jam that included the Bass Player, Mike, Billy O, and Shubes. Kemp was hitting the tambourine at the bar, too. One could not help but smile and move with the music.

In fact, everyone who stepped up to the plate last night played their hearts out, including The Rapper Dude who returned with two new songs. One was five minute long rap titled, “My Fiance.” He rapped the story of his love, and how much he loved her and was glad to be together for years. Now that’s heart, and his words were sincere.

Murphy’s Law

Next up on stage was the ace drummer from The Jam Band along with a long tall new comer on a pearl white guitar, The Bass Player, Coats, Guy, Bill O, Billy V., and Ace Murphy on electric sax with his case of harmonicas. This set was a Traffic Jam that left everyone mesmerized, rocking, swaying, and tapping their feet in rhythm to the beat.  Then, before you knew it, two of The Satisfiers were on stage with one crooning to the jam. — Who Do You Love. 

 By the end of the night, twelve musicians on stage doing a live top shelf version of the “Tequila” song – and it was a whole bar sing-along.

Well done, gentlemen. You did your fellow musicians proud. Every person who took up the ax, the stick, and the brass last night knew what they were doing,  and did it better than many of the so called ‘professionals’ I’ve paid to see in the past. Everyone got to play, and everyone had fun.

April Fools

 If there were any sour notes in Akron last night, they must have been playing with the critics, as they certainly were not at The Getaway Pub.  The Getaway Pub Wednesday Night  Musicians Open Jam  is one of the best box of chocolates in town. You never know what you are going to get, but you will  always have fun finding something good inside.