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The Viper July 27, 2009 Photo Gallery – Photo 1 of 7 by SARA RISNER – MySpace Photos

The Viper July 27, 2009 Photo Gallery – Photo 1 of 7 by SARA RISNER – MySpace Photos

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JAHM, Toast, and Flip Cadillac

April 8, 2009  —

The first band that opened was a six member group called “JAHM.”  From the moment they arrived, the mood and tempo were upbeat.  Rather than The Poor Boys opening,  Jahm took the stage.   And took it, they did.  

 This talented group did a wonderful mix of music ranging from modern country to swanky blues.  (And I do mean mood moving blues . . .)  All musicians were spot on.  Denny liked them so much, they have been invited back to play. 

You can hear the music and see photos by going to the Getaway Pub music link here.

 Between sets, Charlie & The Poorboys took the stage for  a set of songs.  Above is  Billy Victor and Bob on Bass.  

 A new fellow took the stage and presented his “Original Recipe”  of free form guitar.  As he played while the next band set up, one could not help but notice  what a wonderful sound he had!   This is another  fine musician who will always be welcome to jam.


Are any  head banging rockers still around from the ’80s?   Some of you may remember the boppin’  sounds of “Hammer Jammer” or the wild rock call of “The Rubber City Rebels.”   If not, this evening would have been your chance to experience that rocking sound through the great Flip Cadillac.

Flip Cadillac was the last band to hit the stage for some hard play at The Getaway Pub.    There may be some who  felt the music  too loud, and loud it was.  But loud  is one of the signatures of this band.  (Anyone who’s ever heard MayFlower Blood knows what I’m talking about.)  Loud, raw punk goth  hard edge R-and-R.   Wonderful sound – but you really  have to like it loud to fully appreciate their music.   

Once upon a time, Akron was a big boom town.  The Musicians who hit the Open Jam stage at The Getaway Pub on Wednesday night are living proof that it still is.